Caring by Sharing - assist Lakewood Police Department with delivery of food baskets and a gift for senior citizens in Lakewood.  December 20.  Contact Shirley Otto for more info.  303-985-5596.


 Reading Assistance – 30 minutes, once a week, at the mutual convenience of the school and volunteers

 Shared reading, rather than a more traditional tutoring situation. Provides additional adult encouragement and contact.  This is the schools highest priority volunteer need at the moment.

 After School Clubs –  Clubs generally operate on a 6 week schedule, from 3:05 to 3:45pm, and meet once a week.

 Some are ongoing traditional activities like Choir, Band, Student Government, and Boy/Cub scouts (evening meeting).  Others are part of the Healthy School Initiative Program.  All after school participants receive a health snack, with funding coming from the school district and/or grant funding.  Approximately 400 kids participate in an after school program and receive a snack. 

 The goal is to have the Healthy Schools Initiative Clubs led by school parents, but this year, most have been headed up by teacher volunteers.  Some are run by outside groups, subject to school approval, that charge fees to participate.  An

example would be the Sticky Fingers Cooking club which is being offered the last part of the year, and charges $125 per participant, paid by participating families.

 Steve has attended most of the clubs, and in his opinion, there is little opportunity to assist, as the teachers do a great job of working with small groups. However, there is always an opportunity for a parent to lead an existing club or to identify a type of club they would like to lead.  Recently, a parent led a crochet club, but she has since moved on.  Starting in April, a parent is leading a 3-D Printing Club for the first time.  Parents are also leading a Pokémon Club, another first time club, and a Cursive Club, which has been ongoing.

 Other clubs being offered the last part of year, led by teacher volunteers, are Robotics, Yoga, Racquet Sports, Gamers Club (Electronic Games), and Legos.  

 Bocce Ball Court

Research, design and build a bocce ball court or two.  There is adequate room on the playground for this, but district facilities management would have to sign off before installation could begin.